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  • YashGuptaVEVO

    Hearing great response from the people. My mother is in the final stage of chronice kidney disease. Her creatinine level is 9.7 and urea is 193 athe the movement. Can she be treated here ? Please let me know.

  • Baskaran Janakiraman

    simple and efficient medical treatment within reach our living.

  • Raju Chary

    i have had an excellent improvement in my ailments like swelling in the legs and creatinin levels in blood. previous treatments for swelling in the legs were discontinued and i am perfectly alright with that. certain of my behavioural practices were identified, the root cause determined and treated and i find some good improvement there. overall i find positive improvement in the technique largely because of the ability of the doctor to diagnose precisely the issue and give the appropriate treatment.

    i would certainly recommend this clinic to whoever i come across with ailments

    T.Govindarajan - Potheri, chennai

  • nisha v

    Personally got cured for almost all health issues regarding leg,uterus...Suggested for my friends too.Overall improvement in health. Impressive diagnosis and treatment.Do visit :)

  • Aravind Pearce

    Immediate disease Curing Treatment without Any Side Effects For All Age Groups AsWeLL as For ALL types OF diseases

  • Thiagarajan AR

    I have been taking various treatments for various health problems. Previous to my visit here I had also experienced acupuncture in another clinic also.

    I entered here just to see the difference that's all. Here I experienced a totally new treatment which I don't think we will get this anywhere else. I was not allowed to tell the problem what I have instead it was diagnosed by checking the pulse and almost 60 to 70 % diagnosed by this clinic at the first day itself and the treatment being given to me gives a very good result to me and to my wife as well. Accurate diagnosing by touching our pulse is really miracle - it cannot be just shared or explained -- it should only be experienced. Thanks.

  • R.S. Raveendhren

    My wife underwent treatment for fertility related complications. The allopathy doctors termed my wife's health condition as an 'impossible state to conceive in natural way' and the problem, which according them was a 'tubular block' and ' low AMH level'. They advised us that AMH level cannot be increased and there is no cure in Science. We were shattered and we underwent emotional trauma before we were referred to you by a friend. As we started attending the treatment sessions, we gained confidence by your treatment process, methods and compassionate counselling. In the course of time, my wife conceived and delivered child in April, 2015. When we shared the greatest news of our life with our Doctors, who gave opinion to us earlier, and well-wishers, their joy knew no bounds. The Gynaecologist called the pregnancy as 'precious pregnancy' and the baby as 'precious baby'. But for your treatment, and of course with the blessings of Almighty, it would not have been possible. It was a journey of triumph over despair. A stunning example of a health crisis, in terms of current scientific understanding of fertility and supported by statistical biology rendered meaningless by the power of your treatment and Almighty. I must also add the unshakeable faith which my wife had in the treatment and that she would be blessed with a child in natural way. Having understood the pain and agony of undergoing the trauma of difficulty in begetting a child, I heartily wish all those who come to you be blessed with progeny through your treatment and others be blessed with good health. I pray God and also heartily wish that your treatment provide the greatest healing touch to those needy people and may your service benefit the society.

  • Arasu C.T

    Great experience with this (acupuncture) treatment is good for my health and this is non-medicine treatment so i have believed my health in this type treatment. i very much thank to Dr.Muthukumar of Backya Acupuncture clinic-Perambur.tks C.Thirunavukkarasan

  • ganesh jagadeesan

    As I am having low count I am unable to give birth to my baby and we tried for for other option like IUI and other related Alopathy treatment but no luck and now eight years has been completed. So we have reached the backya Acupuncture before one year and now she is praganant for three months. Really I am happy because of this treatment she become concived naturally. I need to thanks Billion times for Backya Acupucture to Saved my life.

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