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Dr M Muthukkumar BACKYA ACUPUNCTURE CHENNAI/Best Classical Acupuncture Care & Cure in INDIA

A Classical Acupuncture Approach is "A Miracle System"
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Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that treats patients by insertion and manipulation of needles in the body. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating these points can correct imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians thus treating all chronic diseases.

BACKYA ACUPUNCTURE run by Healer M.MUTHUKKUMAR MD(Acu).,PhD.,and Hr.P.BACKKIALAKSHMI.,M.D(Acu).,DMT., is one of the pulse based result oriented Classical Acupuncture in Chennai treating all chronic diseases especially diabetes .We treat our patients with utmost care by using disposable needles only and also providing an very effective pulse based classical approach that is single needle treatment.

This is a drugless therapy recognized by world health organisation (WHO). We have successfully treated and cured hypertension, type-1 diabetes, ovary cyst, infertility, menstrual disorder, cervical spondylosis, facial palsy, nervous disability and many more.


For School going kids

Hyper activeness, Bedwetting, Height and weight balance, Improving concentration and memory power.

For Teenagers

Stress, Hormonal imbalance, Skin problems, Acne, Wrinkle, Facial rejenuvation hairfall, Improving concentration

Working men and women

Cervical spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Shoulder pain, Leg and knee pain, Stress, Insomnia.

Oldage problems

Dementia, Arthritis, Body joints pain, Parkinson’s disease, Nervous disability, Insomnia


Improved health and Quality of Life

This is achived because acupuncture balances the body’s energy systems. Our life styles, thought patterns and diets create

Stress Reduction

This is also accomplished by balancing your body’s energy. A little stress is actually good for you, but most people today

Pain Reduction

Helping with chronic and acute pain is one of the most common applications of acupuncture. Arthritis, neck pain,

Emotional Balance

Achieving emotional balance can be both the primary focus of acupuncture treatment and is also a postitive “side effect”

Respiratory Health

This can be very effectively achieved with acupunture! Allergies, asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis are conditions that are positively

Insomnia Relief

Insomnia and other sleep issues are also very commonly addressed by acupuncture. Since insomnia and sleep disturbances

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